Back to Basics

I didn't write a Dharma Talk this week. 

Between the madness of back-to-school prep and the heart-rending reality of being an American with a modicum of humanity this week, it was a task I couldn't handle. And that's OK.

It's OK to honor your limitations. I push people to find their edge in class but never encourage anyone to disrespect their limitations. Those boundaries keep us safe and happy.

This week we went Back to Basics, breaking down Sun Salutations and Warrior poses. It's nice to revisit the basics, as they often get lost in the race to keep up. And this applies to life as here are some Pearls of Wisdom.

Honor your limitations. Remember the lessons of Satya? Satya is speaking your truth, being honest in action, word and deed with others...but also with yourself. Know when to say when. If you're spread too thin to even breathe, you will be of no use to anyone else.

Honor the limitations of others. What does this even mean? This past week we learned a lot about the underbelly of beliefs in America. Understand that blind hatred stems from insecurity. No one who has self-love can hate another that way. Does this mean we throw a pity party for those who wish us ill? No, but recognize that they are stunted and incapable of even recognizing why they are misguided. Once you recognize that, it's easier to see why an opposite show of anger and ire just fuels their hatred. Don't give them what they want, nothing causes insecurity to deflate and stop feeding the monster like a lack of attention. 

Be honorable in all your communication. Try not to let fear feed insecurity in you. The greatest thing about humanity is how strong we are together. There will always be outliers, consider them an opportunity to practice compassion and forgiveness. You don't have to agree with everyone, empathize with everyone's views, or even like them as humans to know that we all have a right to exist. We either defend rights for all, or we defend rights for no one.

Love unabashedly. This one's simple, love like it's the most important thing in the world. It is.

Come back to center. When all else fails, and you've forgotten to honor your limitations, just come home. Take a few deep breaths, forgive yourself, and begin again. Every day is a new beginning. Every minute is a new beginning. 

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