What's your word?

Can a year have a “word”?
I think so.
Think about the past year, what was the word that defined it?
For me, it was SURRENDER. It was hard for me, I know I lost some things, but the peace of mind I have gained is invaluable.

I didn’t really set out to have a word for 2019, it just happened…and it fit so well I have no choice but to embrace it.


Life is so much more when we treat everything as sacred.
It has more worth.
It is more interesting.
It provides more knowledge.
It is more precious.
And all because we view it as sacred.

My new mantra is “treat yourself as a sacred object.” Explore yourself as you would a divine creation. Glean whatever you can from every experience and feeling you have.

Treat every interaction with others as sacred. You never know when a potent lesson is going to be learned and how that message will arrive.

Treat every book you read as a sacred tome. Explore what is happening in the text and what lesson can be taken into your own life from it.

And lastly, treat other life as sacred. Do more to protect our planet. Do more to save our environment and the animals that depend upon it. Our self-appointed role as top of the food chain comes with great responsibility, and we have squandered it terribly.

While a new year is always heralded as a new beginning, remember that every breath you take is a new beginning. When you find yourself on a path that is going the wrong way, or living with less integrity than you would like, just turn around with your very next breath and start again.

I wish you all a prosperous new year full of love and light.


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