Take Up Space

We work so hard to take up less space.
To be polite.
To be smaller.

We fold up to fit on planes.
We squish into seats on busses and trains.
We keep our elbows tightly tucked in at crowded venues.

We're so conditioned to miniaturize ourselves for society that we're terrified to take up space on our own mats.

When it's time for Warrior I do you take up space?
If you're wobbling in your tightrope stance, widen it. It's your mat, you own all that real estate. It's a commodity, and the return is a rewarding yoga practice.

When it's time for savasana, do you take up space?
Use your whole mat! Open your whole body to the experience. It will thank you.

We spend our lives shrinking for the sake of others and for our overcrowded planet. Our practice is the one place we should never sacrifice to please others. On our mat is the space we can be our truest selves. Our yoga should be wholly representative of who we are, not some reduced version of who we think the Universe wants us to be.

Taking up space is humbling.
Taking up space is bold.
Taking up space is empowering.

Taking up space is necessary.