The magic happens in the exhales....

How many times have you held your breath and powered through something? 
Many, I am sure.

Think back to the times you called on your strength for something...chances are you took a deep deep breath and held it.

When did you exhale?
Only after the hard part was done.
And that's when you released the hold.

But what if you exhaled and held on?

What if you released and surrendered to the pose? 
What if that exhale was your way of announcing to your body, I have faith in you?
What if you simply trusted in yourself to be where you need to be?

Our yoga practice has us wrangling our bodies into a lot of weird positions.
If we aren't meant to surrender to them, what's the point?
We could just as easily be at the gym, holding our breath and lifting weights...but we choose yoga.


Could it be that we are searching for that magic?
Next time you find yourself in a more difficult hold, focus on the exhale.
Let it out slowly, feel your body surrender to the pose.

Allow the magic to flow through your body.