Tolerance: it's a practice

We are here to see one another through, it's something I believe with ALL my heart and tell people often. And despite differences, we have so much to offer one another.

Venture outside your comfort zone and be amazed by the people there!

Venture outside your comfort zone and be amazed by the people there!

There's nothing wrong with finding comfort in your own tribe; zero judgement for choosing to live and socialize with people who are similar to you. But when you step outside your Den Of Homogeny and meet people who challenge what you believe, you have a true opportunity to grow, to teach, and to change the world.

It's easy to dismiss someone outright, guffaw and move along.

What if you took the time to ask someone why they believe what they believe, and what if they ask you right back? Holding tightly to your ideals is easy, explaining your position and defending it to another can be a learning experience in itself, even if you don't change their mind an iota. Imagine the possibilities if you explained your own position, recognized a flaw in it, and then committed to learning more. Envision what scores of people stopping to think critically could do for this world.

Maybe the lesson is to see what sort of person you are, the type to turn your back on someone who doesn't think like you, or the type to try to find common ground?

Not everyone with a different worldview is a bad person, and that's become a real problem in America these days. There are plenty of people who don't think like you and are good people; people with a great sense of humor, people with cute dogs, people who buy the same brand cold brew as you...and still don't think like you. And every single one of them is an opportunity to reach out and learn something. Maybe you learn about them and develop a shred of empathy for their position, even if you don't agree with it...maybe you learn about yourself and what sort of person you truly are, the type who practices tolerance, because we are all human.

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