Who is the real "Me"?

This week we talked about ego.

Your ego is responsible for wonderful things like your confidence, but it is also responsible for unhappiness and dissatisfaction. 

Your ego is neither good nor bad, but overidentification and attachment to your ego's story can be a problem.

For your ego to create a version of "I" to identify with, it must also create a version of "not I". When you live in your ego's story, you limit yourself. Your ego's story places unnecessary limitations on life's experiences.

"I'm too old to try that."
"I can't move like that."
"I am not smart enough to solve that."

Don't get so wrapped up in the "I" illusion that you lose the absolute joy of every discovery and every moment of life. Help your ego disengage from external appearances, remind it to align to a higher perspective.

Picture from  chARiTyelise

Picture from chARiTyelise

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