Trust the Universe

My personal practice had fallen off the map. Magellen, Lewis & Clark, and the team from Without A Trace couldn't find it with a treasure map, an enchanted compass, and pack of specially trained Shitzus. It was gone, not a daily sun salutation to be found. While my husband hopped out of bed every day to do his morning Surya Namaskar practice, I laid there and checked Facebook.

In other words, I haven't been doing any yoga.

As a result of this, I am off balance - physically and spiritually, my body aches all the time, and I feel terrible about it. So what do I do? I get even lazier and more down on myself, creating an endless cycle of ick. 

Time to kick the ick.

Last night I ran to Yoga Cure for Barbara's 6:45 Vin-Yin class, and then stayed for Lauren's Yin class. Vin-Yin is half Vinyasa and half Yin. Vinyasa is a flow of poses, it's what most people are familiar with. Yin is long static holds, with the goal of accessing the soft tissue and fascia that holds it all together. It's not a muscle practice, it's more restorative and exactly what I needed.

What does the Universe have to do with this? I'm getting there. The pain in my hip, radiating down my leg, and causing numbness in my calf and foot, was because my sacroiliac joint was impinging a nerve on my left side. Both classes I attended were FULL of hip opening, IT band stretching, core-centric poses. I pushed myself right up to my edge, backing off when there was pain, and woke up this morning sore as hell...but without excruciating hip pain. In one deep pigeon hold, I could feel the joint open and the nerve release - talk about an "AHA!" moment. By the end of that practice I was doing minor backbends, when I couldn't even twist at the beginning.

So thank you Universe, for making sure I was EXACTLY where I needed to be last night


I am SUPER stoked to read this book!
Anyone else pick it up yet?
I have been a HUGE fan since before I joined the Yogi World; my absolute adoration of him and a chance to meet him was part of why I threw myself into yoga. I'll tell you that story another day.
Comment with your thoughts on the book!