To Begin Again...

This week, we celebrate the Jewish new year. The ten days from Rosh Hashanah (the new year) to Yom Kippur (the day of atonement) make up the High Holy Days. During this time it is traditional to ask forgiveness from anyone you have wronged. Why can't this time be used to forgive ourselves and let go of that which does not serve us?

No one is perfect. 
No one should want to be. 

We don't learn from perfection, we learn from mistakes.  
To grow as a person, you have to take chances, and you will mess up sometimes. 

But you don't have to carry your mistakes around, weighing you down. 

Every day is a new beginning. 
You are not your mistakes. 

Every minute is a new beginning. 
You are not married to your past.  

Every breath is a new beginning. 
Inhale, smile, and start again. 

Just begin again without any emotional attachment to your "story."  
The why doesn’t matter.  
Excuses, self-recrimination, and judgement do not matter. 
All that matters is now. 
Nothing is more important than the present moment.  

How does one start over? 
Step back and stop worrying about the outcome. Instead of criticizing yourself, let it go. Do not try to make your thoughts and feelings magically disappear. Acknowledge it all, but with compassion for yourself and your own journey. 

Shift your attitude. 
Change your life. 


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