Another year older...

You know what's great? Having fun!
You know what sucks? Being told you can't.

"Women over forty can't do that."
"You're too old to wear that."
"Act your age."

Ugh, why would I want to act my age?
And more importantly, how do I act my age? 

Was there a memo I missed?

Fact: life is what you make of it.

Some people love to be cautious and follow the rule book, and it works for them.
Some people love to live moment to moment without rules, and it works for them.

I fall somewhere in the middle. 

I love to laugh, it's one of my favorite things. I love to be silly, which usually makes me laugh. I love to be colorful in every way. I love to be lazy. I love to be busy. I love to be loved. I love to do whatever suits my mood at that particular moment in time, provided it fits into my carefully planned schedule for the day. And it works for me.

Embrace what works for you.
Don't let anyone dictate what you should do.
The only thing you should do is be yourself.

Today I am going to act 43, because I am 43.
I couldn't act 42 anymore if I tried.

A very mature 43, I think!

A very mature 43, I think!

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Happy Birthday to Me!