My Jumbled Mind

I wanted to talk to you about my workshops...

And then I wanted to talk about my fears for my upcoming surgery...

But then I wanted to tell you about my vacation...

And I also kinda wanted to announce my Karma Yoga project...

And people wonder why I have so much trouble sleeping...?

And people wonder why I have so much trouble sleeping...?

What the hell is going on with you, you may ask.

Nothing new, sister...nothing new. See this is how my mind has ALWAYS worked. You wonder why I am such a fan of meditation?

The problem is, at the moment, even MY mind is too busy and unfocused to be tamed by my breath.

I'm excited about the Karma Yoga program, like leaping out of my skin to finally get it started. But I'm terrified about my surgery Monday, and the two emotions (like two of the biggest most high energy emotions out there) are battling one another for space in my brain all day long.

I knew I would be apprehensive about the surgery, so I booked the past week or so chockfull of things to do, like workshops and volunteer work and starting the Karma Yoga program after months of missteps and making vats of soup to freeze and selling Girl Scout cookies and forming my team for this year's Safewalk 5K benefitting Women In Distress of Broward County (every dollar helps) and did I mention all the soup? But I didn't leave myself any time to BREATHE. And now it's not all done, I am running out of time, and I may not be thinking about the surgery, but I'm sure stressed out about all the things I haven't yet done (you'll be happy to know some soup made it to the freezer). Oh, and I have a job, too. And a family. Luckily they like soup.

It always amazes me in these moments that I am able to help others remain calm and mindful in their moments of stress, yet I never quite seem to get it right for myself. The human condition, am I right?

Anyway, how's YOUR week going?

And I just realized I promised you a blog post about the other aspects of the book I read and didn't deliver. One more thing I can add to the "Ooops!" list. The book was amazing (link below) and I highly recommend it. 

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