Treat every part of yourself with love...

Self love is the cure!
Be good to yourself!
Love yourself!

Yes, we get it. 
But what about the parts we haven't made peace with yet?

What about our darkest fears?
Our anxieties bubbling beneath the surface?
The triggers that set us off?

Artwork by  Molly Hahn

Artwork by Molly Hahn

Love it all, and love it wholly and passionately.

The only way to more forward is to make peace with your past and accept it. Your story - ALL OF IT - deserves your love. That includes your triggers, your boogeymen, and your anxieties.

You are what you eat, right?
Feed them love and acceptance instead of fear and denial.

Treat them with kindness instead of scorn and self-loathing, and watch what happens.

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