Slow Down!

Yeah you...seriously, slow down.
What's the rush?

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This time of year, we overwork ourselves. We cook, we clean, we shop, we entertain, we socialize, we overdo it all.

If we didn't do these things, would our tribe love us less?
Probably not, or those awesome weirdos wouldn't be our tribe.

So why?
Why do we succumb to the pressure?

This past weekend, I was manic as hell. Between the cooking and the stresses of family holidays, I was a CRAZY person...and it showed. Even my yoga teaching reflected it; I moved a little too quickly through transitions and I feel I didn't give everyone the Zen they were after. I felt drained after teaching, positively wilted, rather than refreshed and satisfied. It left me feeling guilty for not adhering to my own yogic principles.

So this week, slow down.
I am.
I'm breathing.
I'm taking time in my poses, in my communications, in my life.
Because the people around me deserve it.
Because I deserve it.


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