Yoga for every body, even yours....

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to jump back to plank and step easily to the top of their mats. But we live in this world, where every body is different. Some people are blessed with perfectly proportioned arms and legs, and some of us are not. Some people are flexible and fluid, and some of us are not.

And that's OK. 
But that's what so many people miss.
Yoga is good for everybody and every body, but our westernized version of yoga can be intimidating for some.
Maybe most.

As I have mentioned before, I fought off yoga for years. Too many years. The the problem was, just like the most basic asana, a practice has to have a solid foundation or it will all come crashing down. And mine did, because I psyched myself out. I was so focused on keeping up, on what I should look like, on what I couldn't do...I never thought about how I felt. 

When I compared myself to others, when I rushed to move faster than my body is capable of, and when I didn't modify for my limitations, I didn't feel good doing yoga. I missed the whole damned point of yoga. 

Yoga isn't a competition.
You're not competing against others.
You're not even competing against yourself, because every single day your body will need something different. And every single day you should honor your body's needs in that moment.

Now when I hear people tell me that they can't do yoga because XYZ, I get sad for them...because they CAN! I know they can because I used to think I couldn't do it either.

Slow down.
Embrace props like blocks and straps.
Modify when needed.
Whenever it feels safe, close your eyes.

Close your eyes and feel your muscles working.
Close your eyes and feel your breath moving through your body.
Close your eyes and feel your body embracing yoga.

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