Speak Your Truth

This week, we discussed Vishuddha in class, the throat chakra, governing communication. It's the first of the three spiritual chakras, which is a big clue that it's not just about talking. Talking is easy, communicating is not.

Communicating requires authenticity, which requires soul searching for some of us - not because we want to be inauthentic, but because societal norms and insecurity have helped us build a barrier around our authentic selves for protection. It's very difficult to have an authentic relationship with the Universe if you can't even speak your truth to yourself. And speaking your truth is life changing.

But communicating is not just expressing yourself. Listening is a big part of communication, one you can accomplish by opening your heart and mind to others. Being heard is one of our base human needs, and when you truly listen to another, you fulfill that experience for them, and empower them as well. Always listen without judgment and with your full attention. 

That advice extends to listening to yourself as well. Much as you should always speak to others with kindness, you should always speak to yourself with kindness. Listen to others without prejudice, but also treat yourself the same way. 

The truth lies deep within you.
It is only as authentic as you.
It is a reflection of you.

Open your heart.
Feel the truth.

Open your ears.
Hear other's truths.

Open your mind.
Know the truth.

Then take a deep breath.
Open your mouth.
And speak your truth.

Vishuddha: express yourself 

Vishuddha: express yourself 

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